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International Rates

To the UK and Europe, Asia, Australia and NZ, & most other countries: A single dish ships Surface Mail for between $15 and  $18.50 USD  depending on which size is ordered. And 2 dishes ship for between $21. and $37. USD. The Shopping Cart is unable to consistently calculate the correct postage for all countries outside of Canada and the USA. Customers will be notified of any difference in what you were charged before shipping. If you need assistance call us at 250-245-3007 or use the contact form to make inquiries, or to order if you prefer not to use the shopping cart. Shipping them in pairs is the most economical way to order, as you can see the 2nd dish is only a few dollars more for postage. Also a spare dish is a good idea considering the delivery times. Faster shipping, 6 to 10 days delivery is available but the cost is about double. Contact us if you wish this option.


Delivery Times

International Surface mail: Delivery to Australia and Asia takes about 8 weeks; to EU and the UK  delivery has been taking only about 2 weeks lately!  Airmail delivery can be arranged but the cost will be about double the amounts above.


Domestic US Shipping Rates

Shipping within the Continental US Alaska and Hawaii for the first dish is $10.00 to $15, add $3 to $5 for each additional dish up to 4.  Additional shipping for  5 to 8 dishes is about $2 to $4 per dish . All depends where you are located. Delivery Times within the USA is generally 2 to 5 business days.

Canadian Shipping Rates

Shipping  to Eastern Canada for the first dish is $16 to $18  add about $2. for each additional dish. Delivery times within Canada is 2 to 5 business days and all orders are shipped Expedited from B.C.  Postage around BC and Western Provinces are $11 to $13 for the 1st dish, and $1 to $2 for each additional dish.

Other Options: We now have 3 new Classy Cat & Dog Dish Distributors ( All are Animal Welfare Enthusiasts )  in Singapore and Taiwan and Japan.  Plus 2 other choices. Their contact information is;

Singapore…..  Melissa,  Carries all 4 sizes and all 7 colors.

Taiwan……….  Charlie,  Stocks the Wet Food Dish, the Dry Food Bowl, and the Large Water Bowl in 4 colors.

Japan……Yukie,  Stocks the Dry Food Dish (made in Japan) in many colors.  Also the large 2.5 cup water bowl and the Wet Food dish in 4 colors. 

They are also available in Shoreline WA at the Veterinary Clinic “Cats Exclusive’ on Aurora Ave.

Vancouver Island, Canada.…..In the side bar you can find some of a limited selection of hand made in Canada versions of these dishes still available and how to order them. All others on the website are shipped to Canadians and Internationally from this location in Ladysmith also. US orders are shipped from within the US for faster delivery and better postage rates. 



We Ship Worldwide, please see Shipping Rate page for Details. There are a few Discounted Dishes Remaining at $5 off. Dismiss