Raised 1 cup Bowls for Water or Dry Food


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$29. USD =  £23. / € 27. / 37.50 AUD  ( Feb./17)

Postage for orders from outside of North America is approx. $20 for 2 dishes, or $16 for 1.


Height:  5.5″
Diameter  5″
Depth:  1 .25″
Average Weight: 22 oz.
Capacity:      1 cup
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Current Blue & Pink are ready to ship.


These dishes ( all will be porcelain after May) are extra tall for 2 main reasons. So pets are able to stand or sit upright with front legs straight to eat, no more crouching to floor level in what can be painful positions for some due to age or injury. The other reason is they raise the eating surface above or level with the stomach (inside the body) See the image at the bottom of the home page. This prevents vomiting of meals caused by a muscle in their throat that will trigger the re-flux action in some pets, after eating from a level below their stomach.

This bowl is designed specifically for dry food or water for one or 2 cats or a small dog. Its heavy construction prevents tipping and sliding  with normal use. The long ears of small dogs, such as the Dachshund or Cavalier King Spaniels will hang outside the 5″ diameter. The eating surface of a pet’s dish should be at least at the same level as the (inside) stomach, higher is better but not higher than the mid chest. This bowl is deeper, and not as wide as the wet food dish, it keeps the dry food better contained and less exposed to the air. As a water bowl the ceramic keeps the water cooler longer, and better tasting, than from metal or plastic. The turned in rim helps keep food from being pushed out and water from spilling when carried.

See the “Features” page for more information. Note that orders placed from outside of North America can take 6 weeks for delivery to EU and UK, and  8 weeks to Australia and Asia.  See SHIPPING RATE page for more information.

A shorter version of this bowl for miniature breeds and other shorter pets such as the Dachshund is available also on this site. They benefit as much from a raised dish as normal height pets!

  Most Imperfections ship from the US,  so extra postage maybe required on some. In Canada only a few of the Short dish and the large water bowls with imperfections are available. They are mostly color spots or smudges, hardly noticeable, nothing serious that will make them unsafe, and most are hardly noticeable. If choosing the “Minor Flaws” option, please put your color choices in the note section (on the bottom of the address page) at checkout.

All new colors, White, Grey, Black, Orange, and pastel pink,blue and green, made in Taiwan will be back in stock end of  May.

Gold, Teal and Chocolate are discontinued. See my fb page for details.

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Weight N/A

Stoneware Blue, Pastel Blue Ships May 28th, Stoneware Pink, Pink Ships 28th, Black Ships May 28th, White Ships May 28th, Chocolate, Minor Cosmetic Imperfections, Green Ships May 28th, Orange Ships May 28th, Grey Ships May 28th

2 reviews for Raised 1 cup Bowls for Water or Dry Food

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Got a couple of these for our dog when his previous raised bowls (from Etsy) broke after being knocked over. These ClassyCat bowls are sturdy and well-made. Definitely recommended!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Note: I’m ordering two more for Rio’s upstairs food station, to replace regular small sightly-raised set of bowls. He really likes your dishes, and they look beautiful! Rio looks like he’s now comfortable when he’s eating. And he’s not dropping down any of his dry food anymore. The bowls are perfect size for my large boy!
    Y. Lamm Pittsburgh PA.

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