Raised Pet Dishes for Fresh or Canned Food


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$29. USD  =  £23. / € 27. / 37.50 AUD  ( Feb./17)

Postage for orders from outside of North America is approx. $20 for 2 dishes, or $16 for 1.

Height:                     5 1/4″
Diameter:                 6″
Depth:                       1″
Average Weight:     1 lb 8 oz.
Capacity:                  1 cup
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These dishes (all will be porcelain after May) are extra tall for 2 main reasons. So pets are able to stand or sit upright with front legs straight to eat, no more crouching to floor level in what can be painful positions for some due to age or injury. The other reason is they raise the eating surface above or level with the stomach (inside the body) See the image at the bottom of the Home page. This prevents vomiting of meals caused by a muscle in their throat that will trigger the re-flux action in some pets, after eating from a level below their stomach.

The bowl is wide and shallow so it will not irritate sensitive whiskers and makes the food easily accessible without your pet having to push his face down into it, getting food in their muzzle hair and chin, possibly causing acne. The shape of this dish is especially helpful to Persians, Pugs, and other short muzzled, or long whiskered pets. Also for the tall Maine Coon Cats for it’s height. These breeds should not be trying to eat from deep or narrow dishes and close to floor level! The turned in rim helps keep the food from being pushed over the sides. It will assist  those older pets with few or no teeth to be able to pick their food up with the help of this turned in rim.

See the “Features” page for more information. Note that orders placed from outside of North America can take 6 to 8+ weeks for delivery. See SHIPPING RATE page for more information.

Prices are in USD.  Product Code.  WFD

  Most Imperfections ship from the US. There are none left in Canada, except for a few of the Short dishes.  They are mostly color spots or smudges, hardly noticeable, nothing serious that will make them unsafe, and most are hardly noticeable. If choosing the “Minor Flaws” option, please put your color choices in the note section (on the bottom of the address page) at checkout.

All colors marked N/A  are made in Taiwan and will be available about mid May.  See my fb page for details.  Gold Teal and Chocolate will be discontinued.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Pink N/A, Gray N/A, White N/A, Green N/A, Blue N/A, Gold, Minor Cosmetic Imperfections, Black N/A, Orange N/A

1 review for Raised Pet Dishes for Fresh or Canned Food

  1. 5 out of 5

    My cat bows arrived yesterday. They are really beautiful, and very well made.

    When I put their food down this morning, in their new dishes, both cats sat there and looked at the bowls for a minute, then started chowing down. I left the room for a few minutes, and when I returned, there wasn’t a morsel left in either bowl, which almost never happens.

    Thank you so much from both Cheeto & Izzy, and myself!

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