This shorter Bowl on a 2.5″ pedestal is ideal for the miniature breeds such as the Yorkie, Chihuahua etc. and the short legged Dachshund and Munchkins. The rim of the bowl is 4″ from the floor and should be ideal for the majority of breeds that are closer to the ground.  The eating surface should be at least at the same level as the pets (inside) stomach, higher is better but not higher than the chest. This model is much too short for normal size pets and will cause them to have to stoop and crouch to their meals. Defeating the purpose of buying a ‘raised’ dish.  Has all the same benefits and features of the other 3 models.  See the “Features” page for more information.  Note that orders placed from outside of North America can take 6 to 8+ weeks for delivery. See SHIPPING RATE page for more information.

Imperfect dishes are available from Canada and the US. If your color choice is shipped from the US, extra postage maybe required. Imperfections on dishes are mostly color spots or smudges, hardly noticeable, nothing serious that will make them unsafe, and most are hardly noticeable. If choosing the “Minor Flaws” option, please put your color choices in the note section (on the bottom of the address page) at checkout.

$25.00 USD.  = £ 20. /  €23.50  / 32.30  AUD   ( Feb./2017)

Postage for orders from outside of North America is approx. $20 for 2 dishes, or $16 for 1.

Height      4″

Capacity    1 cup/8 oz.

Weight     approx. 1 pound

Bowl        5″ wide, 1.25″ deep