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Raised Cat & Dog Bowls

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3 available sizes

8 oz. – 24 oz. – 8 oz.

Our Extra Tall Raised Dishes mean that cats and the majority of smaller dogs no longer have to stoop or crouch down to floor level in awkward and often painful positions to eat their meals! They can now sit up with front legs straight, or stand in comfort using these uniquely styled one piece elevated dishes that are not only attractive, but designed to benefit your pets in several ways.

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Classy Cat Dishes are available currently in 4 different styles, small  bowls for water or dry food, wide shallow dishes for fresh or canned food, larger bowls for multiple small pets or a medium sized dog, and a Shorter model for the miniature  breeds. The 3 regular sizes are on an attached 4″ pedestal, and are 5.25″ to 6″ tall from floor to rim.  The Shorter bowl is on a 2.5″ pedestal, and is only 4″ tall. There are 7 popular colors to compliment any decor.

This overall height has proved to be the most comfortable for virtually all cats and smaller dogs. You maybe concerned that the height of these dishes will be too high for your pet, but that’s only because we are so used to the old ‘flat on the floor’ styles. For the most comfort the eating surface of a pet’s dish should be about the level of their stomach which is about chest high. This is not only much more comfortable for them but helps prevent vomiting. A dish any lower is very little benefit. Senior pets with diminished appetites will definitely stay at the dish and eat more.

Anatomy of a domestic catAs this diagram shows, the stomach is about chest high.

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