Hi Larraine,
I can't say enough good things about these bowls. I have them all sitting on my 
kitchen counter and I have to keep looking at them and saying "they are so 
beautiful". The colors, the shape, everything about them is absolutely wonderful.

Thanks so much for everything you have done (my cats thank you, too!),
Maureen Mc.
Hi Larraine, 
Just a quick note to let you know that my cats are delighted with 
their new Classy Cat dishes! They adapted to them right away. The dishes are so 
easy to clean and are an attractive addition to my kitchen. No more stainless steel 
bowls to clean up! 
Kudos on a job well done! 

Kind regards, Diane

Dear Larraine,
Incredible! You are a miracle worker!
The bowls arrived in the mail this morning. I transferred the breakfast that Jonathan Baeko  would not eat to the new Classy Dish. He gobbled it up. It was exactly the SAME food. Incredible. I can’t believe it. The old bowls must have been SO difficult that he would start eating and then just give up exhausted. So thanks! I obtained your info from Tanya’s Feline Chronic Kidney Disease site.
Julie,  Oakville Ontario

I have been struggling to feed my small 4 pound dog(Papillon she stands about 10" 
tall) for the Last 16 years and she has for the first time in 16 years today eaten 
out of your dish the first time I put it down!!! Thank you!!!!!  She is now almost 
blind and has a bad hip and is afraid of all other dishes I have tried. You have a 
great product. The darker color of the dish helps her see it and she also doesn't 
accidentally trip over it!!! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. 

Teri G.
Coon Rapids MN
Hi Larraine,
I’ve been wanting to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Wallaby loves his new dishes and frankly so do I.
I love them so much that I realized he has better dishes than I do so, I’ve decided to order another set.
I’m putting in another order and just wanted to give you a heads–up so you wouldn’t think there was anything amiss on your end.
 We haven’t captured a good photo yet but we’re working on it.
Dorothy G.
New York NY


Hi Larraine,

I got my bowls about 30 minutes ago. I opened them up and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. I had to try them out!! My male cat didn’t miss a beat. He sat down to eat and it was a comfortable height for him. He was pretty happy. The true test was my female cat. She’s not a big cat so I was worried that the bowl would be too high for her. And she is just like Goldilocks because everything has to be “just so” (she’s VERY particular). Not expecting a miracle, I put the dish in front of her, and to my surprise, she immediately ate her leftover food from lunch. She also sat to eat (as opposed to that horrible crouching) and I thought to myself “this is probably the first time in her life she has been comfortable eating her food”. All I can say is she looked pretty content while she was eating (again, probably for the first time ever).

Maureen M. Calgary Alta.

Well Larraine, the verdict is in and the decision is unanimous, Floyd ( 20 yrs old) is a Classy Cat convert for life!  I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so I ended up doing a little of both. His face was in the bowl lapping away before I could even set it down and that’s where it stayed for almost 5 minutes before I could get him to look up! Next up was the introduction of his new wet food dish.  I set it down on the floor and I immediately turned away as I usually do – mostly because I can’t bear to watch him circle his dish then just lick off some gravy and walk away without taking a bite. So I waited a little bit, held my breath and turned around to catch him inhaling the very last morsel of his food!  I couldn’t believe but it gets better.  He finished that last bite, looked up at me and asked for seconds!  A look I haven’t seen for over a year. He ate that too! I’m just so thrilled because a few hours later he came back for more! By 2:30 pm he’d eaten more food than I can usually get him to eat over 36 hours.  “Floyd and I couldn’t possibly be happier or more satisfied with our Classy Cat dishes and the experience we’ve had overall with this company and of course the classy ladies themselves, Larraine and Judith, who made it all a dream come true.  I would highly recommend these dishes to anyone who wants the best quality and comfort for their precious ones and the best looking dishes for themselves and their home.  My only regret is that I didn’t get them years ago!”  Floyd and I will be forever grateful.

Ariana L.

Hi Larraine, just wanted to let you know we received the beautiful dishes.  My 20 yr old cat loves to eat from it and he hasn’t vomitted once since we started feeding him from the dish.  My 19 year old, however, was just diagnosed with oral squamous cell carcinoma today and is not eating well.  I know that if he would love to eat from them if he felt up to it.  So thank you again for your ingenuity.  Cats everywhere are giving you lots of appaw.

Renae T.

These are fantastic! I had previously gotten the blue for my 16 Yr old Siamese who had begun throwing up her meals and the teal green for my 10 Yr old green eyed tuxedo cat to head off any potential problems. I’m now getting the golden brown one for my 7 Yr old Flame Point Siamese. Cats and bowls are color coordinated and healthy all in one. Thank you for such a perfect solution!

Suzi B.

Hi Larraine, Just want to thank you for the beautiful eggshell white cat dish. I love it, and more importantly, Pearl loves it. She seems much more comfortable eating from a dish that height. It’s so easy to clean and use. Every vet, independent and corporate pet store, rescue group, and shelter should know about your dishes. They’re a public service!

Thanks again, Sara B. Westchester NY

Hi Larraine, Gryphon loves his new Classy Cat bowl – and so do I !! It is the perfect height, I like the subtle way it curves in at the top to help keep his food in the bowl, and I love having his name on it. Thank you for doing a wonderful job. Terri J. Kenmore WA

Larraine, I just wanted to let you know that the bowls I ordered from you about a month ago are a big hit with my cat Jazz. He loves them and they are the perfect height. He no longer needs to stoop and even seems more playful and active. Also he hardly ever drops any of his food on the floor anymore. The bowls are beautiful and well made.

Thanks a lot, Leslie C. Cincinatti OH.

I got the dish today and I just want to say how great it is! I love the color, the height and splash back are just perfect! It is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a year now. I have ordered so many ‘designer’ dishes over the last year, and while they were all nice, they just weren’t what I was looking for. I needed the height (more than 3′ which seems to be the max height of other bowls out there) and the splash back type of back to the dish, and so far, your dishes are the only ones I’ve seen with these features. It was definitely well worth the money! I will definitely be ordering from you again should I ever need another dish. Oh–please don’t ever stop making these great dishes!!

Thanks, Justine L. Denver CO

We received the dishes just fine, and I wanted to tell you how very much we appreciate your lovely art. They are very nice! The kids seem to enjoy eating from them much more than their previous floor models, and I Love the fact they don’t make a mess all over the place anymore! It was worth the wait! 😉

Thank you very much, Julie E. from San Bernardino CA

My fussy eaters Cheesecake and Cairo LOVE their dishes!! Every word is true. In addition the packing is excellent. Cheesecake would not eat more than a few bites of his food before I got his Classy Cat dish, he would push it around his plate and get frustrated. Now he eats almost all his food in one sitting, he loves his new dish, as does his brother. These dishes solved my problem!

Thank you! Tiffany P. Pacific Grove CA

We received them Saturday and they are darling! I love them! The furry girls love them too, since they’re not having to bend over to eat anymore. Great job! Thanks again for your help and for a wonderful product.

Anne B. Baton Rouge LA

I absolutely LOVE, L-O-V-E, LOVE my new cat bowls, I have spent years looking for the ‘perfect’ cat bowls and while some came close I was never really happy with them. That is until I saw yours. Could it be that finally someone has made a cat bowl that makes sense – something that I and my cats will really like? A bowl quality made that will last for years? No you say? Well I thought the same thing too, but today is a happy, VERY happy day. These are THE perfect cat bowls. My search is finally over!

Silke T. Flowermound TX

I received the bowl and it is perfect! Our dog Hope just loves it…it is just the right height for her and heavy enough to stay in one place.

Christi S. Ashburnham MA

The bowls are wonderful! My Pekingese and Pomeranian really like them and they are just the right height. Not to mention how pretty they are too. Thank you again for such a great product.

Kathleen B. Charlotte NC

Lady has just had her first meal from the new bowls, she really took to them right away. Her ears remain clean and dry and not so much water all over either. She actually now eats very neatly. They are terrific! Thanks!!

Donna L. St. Paul MN

Although my cats were a little unsure at first, my cats just love them, mealtime is much less messy- the food actually stays in the bowls! A great product…I’m so glad I happened on your website.

Marg S. Ontario Canada

Thank you for the discount on the replacement for the one we broke. Ever since I received my first dishes from you I knew I would never buy any other type of pet dish.

Mary Jo C. Clifton NJ

I wanted to let you know I have passed your name on to some friends in the business looking for nice pet dishes, and yours are the best, and all I would carry in my store. I have sold most of the bowls already except for 4 I kept for my dogs at home, they love them.

Fey M. Portage WI

They are beautiful! You do great work. Bosco likes them and he seems much more comfortable eating. I plan to tell everyone I know with pets about these lovely bowls. Thank you so much.

Deborah M. Lutz FL

Your bowls are beautiful; I have been searching for something similar for over a week and was delighted when I found your site! All I could find was the metal stands but none hold the dish up high enough for my cats. Both of my babies have CRF and the vet told me they need their food elevated in order to keep their stomach acids from coming up their throats. I love your bowls, they are so awesome. I’m sure my babies feel special eating out of bowls so high off the floor. Thank you so much for taking the time to hand make something that is so useful and beneficial to our furry friends.

Janet H. Bolingbrook IL

I am very anxious to get my next dish as the new kitten won’t eat from his temporary stainless steel one, preferring instead to climb onto my older cats dishes to eat from them! He has tipped them over a few times as he is bigger now and they haven’t even chipped or cracked! These are the best bowls ever! C

Carol C. Boynton Beach FL

The dishes came!!!!! Gads, they are beyond even what I was expecting! Truly truly beautiful work; they glaze and color are simply exquisite and the shape is perfect. Thank you so much for sending these– it’s an honour to have them in my home! You will definitely be hearing from me again before long. Donna

Marie B. Port Angeles WA

Dinah LOVES her new bowl, and had no trouble whatever adjusting to it. You would have to know Dinah to know how incredibly rare THAT is. Thanks for having such a great idea.

Fiona V. Victoria BC Canada

Just wanted to let you know how much Ming (who is very frail and ill) continues to enjoy her dish, purchased from you 5 months ago. I don’t know how she would manage without it.

Linda D. Cleburne TX

Princes Margot’s bowls arrived today, safe and sound. They look great! This is one of the nicest things I’ve ever done for myself (and my dog) I just love your pottery.

Helen E. Silver Spring MD

They arrived yesterday, and they are really nice. My cats started to use them right away. I’m glad my older cat (who has arthritis) no longer has to bend down to eat.

Linda G. Reston VA

The bowls arrived and they are beautiful, we love them. The shapes and heights are perfect for their water and wet food. Much less water splashes on my Main Coons’ manes, so they don’t get all matted and tangled. Great!!

Amy B. Stamford CT

My cats love their dishes, and I’m very pleased with the quality of my purchase. I have referred my friends to your website whose older cat has arthritis and they have ordered a dish for him to make his mealtimes easier on him.

Hope J. San Francisco CA

Cleo’s new dishes are beautiful and beyond my expectations. I have already showed them to all my neighbours. Tonight I fed her wet food in the shallow dish and she gobbled it all down for the first time ever! Thanks for making Cleo and I so happy with your beautiful dishes.

Sandy F. Piermont NY

I’m very pleased with the bowls; they are just the right size for Cali and Ethel. My mother likes them also and will be ordering them for her 18 year old cat with arthritis.

Rachel W. Blandon PA

The 3 pedestal bowls arrived today!!! Wow!!! They are beautiful – I love them and so do the Kitties!! I’m so impressed with the technique & talent- lovely work. Great packaging too.

Amy B. (retired potter) Stamford CT

Wonderful product, originally bought it for my kidney failure kitty ‘Monday’ but Andy likes it too, so will have to order again and I will pass the word along. Will post photos on 2 websites that I frequent for cat information. Love the product!

Gaby S. Manhatten Beach CA

I still have the 3 dishes purchased from you ages ago. I treat them better than my best China. I was so afraid something might happen to them and they couldn’t be replaced! I’m so glad to see you on line. I keep you on my favorites just in case of an accident.

Doris T. Riverhead NY

Received my 3 dishes in good order last week. I absolutely love them and so do my ‘kids’. The problems I had with dishes sliding across the floor, toppling over…and accessibility for my Shih Tzu have been solved. Many many thanks.

Sandra T. Woodsboro TX

I know this dish is going to be a big help with controlling her stomach acid problem. Since raising her dish as best I could before I found your site, she’s been hardly vomiting at all after eating. Your dish is just the perfect height, so it will help even more. Thanks for the beautiful craftsmanship and for helping Sherbie and many other cats and dogs eat with comfort.

Terry W. Copiague NY

Finally a creative artist with a vision- I have been searching for a proper elevated bowl now for nearly a year. I have seen many feeders but all require the cat to hunch over to eat. These are brilliant and I’m very excited about them. I’m thinking of giving a few of these to very special clients for Christmas this year.

Cynthia N. (Diva Pets) Joppa MD