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  • The height helps prevent vomiting of meals, and enables pets to sit or stand with front legs straight closer to their meals in absolute comfort ! No more crouching to floor level in often painful positions for some.

     The heavy durable construction makes these one piece raised dishes very stable. The pedestal weighs more than the dish, therefore they will not tip or slide with normal use.

  • Classy Cat Dishes  are dishwasher and microwave safe.  Will not absorb food odors and harbor bacteria as plastic does, helping to prevent chin acne and mouth ulcers.
  • This product is certified lead and cadmium free by a California SGS Lab. They are crafted of Porcelain.
  •  Designed so the sides do not obstruct the pets vision  or irritate sensitive whiskers while eating.
  • The scoop shaped walls and turned in rims are another feature found only on Classy Cat & Dog products until recently. Both assist in keeping contents contained, and make it much easier for pets to pick up their food without pushing it over the sides. Especially the older ones with fewer or no teeth to help them.
  • Easy to pick up and wash, ( wheelchair friendly ) they also take up much less space and look much nicer than wood or metal raised feeders.

The most comfortable height is for the eating surface of the dish to be about mid to lower chest high, Pets need to eat from a level ABOVE the stomach level, to help avoid vomiting after eating.  This is often caused by a reflex muscle in the throat that reacts when a pet lifts their head after eating from a level below their stomach.  An empty stomach can also cause vomiting because of acid build up. Any dish lower than this is very little benefit to the pet.

This image shows all 4 sizes in relation to each other. All but the short blue one, are attached to 4″ high pedestals.  Only the dish or bowl differs in width and depth. The short dish has a 2.5″ pedestal designed for short or miniature breeds.

All 4 Sizes Available