$29. USDCDN $37.50 / UK £22.20/ €25.30 /AUD 40.80 / Japan 3,253 yen  ( Oct/18)


I will no longer be importing these dishes and bowls.  After Feb. this year they will all be Handmade in Canada.   The new deeper color selection will include, Teal Green, Cobalt Blue, White, and possibly Pink and Grey. There will also be a *NEW*  2 cup size ( 6″ wide) in March. It’s deeper version of the Wet Food Dish. 

Note that orders placed from outside of North America can take 6 to 8+ weeks for delivery to EU and UK,  Australia and Asia.  See Shipping Rates page for more information.

The oval shape I used to make years ago for long eared dogs will be available again soon, on a short and a tall pedestal. Dachshunds and Caviler King Spaniels are good fits for them, They will come in one or 2 cup capacities and all colours.

shorter version of this bowl for miniature breeds and other shorter pets such as the Dachshund is available also on this site. They benefit as much from a raised dish as normal height pets!

Height:  5.5″
Diameter  5″
Depth:  1 .25″
Average bowl Weight: 660 gm / 19 oz.
Capacity:    1 cup /8 oz.
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