Dishes for Fresh or Canned Food (Imported)


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Height:                     5 1/4″
Diameter:                 6″
Depth:                       1″
Average Weight:     .720 gm.
Capacity:                  1 cup / 8 oz.
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French Translation

These High Quality Porcelain Dishes are extra tall for 2 main reasons. So pets are able to stand or sit upright with front legs straight to eat in comfort, no more crouching to floor level in what can be painful positions for some due to age or injury. The other reason is they raise the eating surface above or level with the stomach (inside the body) This helps prevent vomiting of meals caused by a muscle in their throat that will trigger the re-flux action in some pets, after eating from a level below their stomach. Any dish lower than this, offers very little benefit for your pet.  See the Features page for more benefits.

The bowl is wide and shallow so it will not irritate sensitive whiskers.  It allows for space around  the food so it’s easily accessible without your pet having to push his face down into it, getting food in their muzzle hair and chin, possibly causing acne. The shape of this dish is especially helpful to Persians, Pugs, and other short muzzled, or long whiskered pets. Also for the taller Maine Coon Cats for it’s height. These breeds should not be trying to eat from deep or narrow dishes and close to floor level! The turned in rim helps keep the food from being pushed over the sides. It will assist  those older pets with few or no teeth to be able to pick their food up with the help of this turned in rim. Pets with diminished appetites will stay longer at the dish and eat more because they are so comfortable.  Made in Taiwan by a studio that manufacturers dinnerware for humans.  For customers that prefer to Buy American I also provide that option.

Note that orders placed from outside of North America can take 6 to 8+ weeks for delivery to Asia and Australia, EU and the UK. See shipping rates page for more information.

Discounted Blemished dishes ship from the US.  Imperfections are hardly noticeable, nothing serious that will make them unsafe. 


Additional information

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 22.0 × 22.0 × 22.0 cm

Green, White, Black, Grey, Orange, Pink, Blue

8 reviews for Dishes for Fresh or Canned Food (Imported)

  1. Linda Brock

    My cat bowls arrived yesterday. They are really beautiful, and very well made.

    When I put their food down this morning, in their new dishes, both cats sat there and looked at the bowls for a minute, then started chowing down. I left the room for a few minutes, and when I returned, there wasn’t a morsel left in either bowl, which almost never happens.

    Thank you so much from both Cheeto & Izzy, and myself!

  2. Renee Sanabria (verified owner)

    I LOVE my raised classy cat dish and so does my cat! I’d tried propping his ceramic dish on top of things previously and it was always a bit awkward for him to try to eat out of. When I first got the classy dish I was struck by how gorgeous it is – the craftsmanship is top notch. I actually ordered one with “minor cosmetic imperfections” but have no idea where these are because I haven’t noticed any. The photos don’t do the dishes justice – they look way better in person. The first time I put it down in front of my cat he gave me a, “what is this?” look. I reassured him and he took to it quickly. It’s the perfect height for him to comfortably sit while he eats. I also like how shallow it is – since it doesn’t press on his whiskers it allows him to very comfortably navigate around the dish while eating.

    Overall I’d totally buy another one and recommend this product. It is very clear that the company custom built this dishes with every detail of how a cat eats in mind.


    Oh, and P.S. – the time from order to receiving the product was SUPER fast!

  3. Christine (verified owner)

    I love these bowls! They are beautiful and sturdy, and my cats are very happy with them. I am so glad I found them, and that they originated in BC, Canada. Thanks so much Lorraine for inventing them.

  4. M. Annabel Booth

    I first ordered 2 Classy Cat bowls about 15 years ago – and since then they have been used almost daily. They are still going strong, have never broken or even chipped. I would not use any other bowl now – apart from their durability, the finish on them makes them very easy to clean and look brand new after many washings. As well, my cats appear more comfortable eating from the raised bowls, rather than straining to get food from a dish at floor level.
    I have just recently ordered a large water bowl to add to my collection. I would strongly recommend these bowls to any cat or dog owner

  5. Alexandra Steedman

    These bowls are terrific!! What a find! My 12 year old cat has kidney disease and a diminished appetite…this bowl seems to be the perfect height for him, and suddenly he is eating more than he was before! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. He took to the bowl right away…almost as if he was saying “yes, finally – thank you!” I also love how sturdy and well made they are. I purchased the white fresh food bowl and matching white 1 cup water bowl – they look very classy in our kitchen. Because our kitty drinks so much water now, I just purchased the 3 cup water bowl as well. Thank you Larraine for inventing and producing such a wonderful product!

  6. Chrys B. (verified owner)

    I bought two cat food dishes a couple of years ago, from Classy cat dishes. Unfortunately, several nights ago, I dropped one on the hard kitchen floor, and it broke.

    I immediately ordered another one. My original ones were in an egg shell color. This time, I received a beautiful, raised dish, in a light green color. I think of the color as a soft mint green. It really is pretty.

    I love these dishes. Most importantly, my two kitties love these dishes. My oldest cat, Molly, is now 17 1/2 years old. She has arthritis, which makes it more challenging for her to bend over and eat from a flat dish. She has no problem with the taller dish, and that makes us both happy.

    My other cat, Rosie, is 13 years old. She is the little vomiter in the family. The raised dish, along with the 6″ diameter in the eating area, gives more than enough room to spread her food out, so it slows her down a bit when she’s eating. This has helped her so much.

    The dish is a perfect height. The low profile sides do not interfere with their whiskers. Also, the rounded turned in rim allows them to get any food they’ve pushed to the edge. The pedestal of the dish is wide enough, that it has good balance. My girls have never been able to move the dishes around when they’re eating. The dishes have never tipped over. This includes the new one, we just received. Another thing I appreciate, is, the dishes are beautiful. I keep them on the kitchen counter between the girl’s meals, and they don’t only look “cute”. They look “soft modern”, and fit right in.

    I’m so happy with the new dish, I’ve ordered another light green dish, and expect to receive it soon. I will keep my older, egg shell color dish, for back up.

    If anyone reading this, is a pet parent, or knows someone who is, I would recommend these dishes without hesitation. What a wonderful Christmas gift. They’ve really made a positive difference in our house. We’ve had five indoor cats over the years, and I wish I’d known about these dishes long ago…………


  7. Ingrid A.

    Hello Larraine,

    I received the bowls Thursday 8-23-2018. Love the colors and the craftsmanship. You designed a stunning, functional and beautiful piece of art. It took 2 feedings for my youngest cat to fully eat out of the bowl and not pick up the kibble to put on the counter and then eat it. My other cats took to the bowls right away. The bowls are easy to clean. I am so glad I found your website.


    Ingrid A.

  8. Doreen

    Thanks for the Classy Cat dish for fresh/canned food. It is just as beautiful as the two I ordered a few years ago. It arrived quickly in perfect condition and was well wrapped. I love how wide and shallow the dish is (first time ordering one for fresh/canned food). So does my handsome boy, Olly.😊 I actually think it looks nice even without the paw prints. My last two had paw prints in black but the prints have faded since then, so the next time I order more, I will probably skip the paw prints (like this time 😂). The dishes are so nice, they look good either way.

    Again, thanks for a great product! I researched then and I researched this time before ordering this one and your dishes are truly the best out there!👍

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