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  • E1: comb has wide flexible teeth for short hair, suitable for cats, dogs or rabbits.
  • E2: comb’s teeth are a bit longer, and also flexible. Good for removing undercoat on both short and long hair pets.
  • E3; comb has the longest teeth that have tapered tips with more space between them for long hair pets.

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French Translation

The teeth are not metal or plastic but an engineered polyamide and polyacetal resins, used in car manufacturing and other applications replacing plastic and metal, making them flexible but virtually unbreakable with normal use. The teeth are tapered to the tips and won’t scratch the pet’s skin like other combs as they flex up and down and left to right while gliding over the pets joints. This material also will not damage the hair shaft as metal does.

*Cat’s and dogs that normally don’t like to be groomed will enjoy the feel of these combs. The teeth are curved like a claw but not sharp, they get down and under the mats and so are able to remove enormous amounts of undercoat hair, much more so than ‘straight’ wire brushes and combs. Each comb measures 4″ x 3″ x 1/2″ thick.  See videos of this comb in use on You Tube.

* They have a very comfortable handle which makes it easy to maneuver the comb into all different positions, even if arthritis is an issue for you. We find the E2 comb works well on most hair lengths and pets. The E1 would be best choice for very short, close to the body hair, and certainly the E3 best for very long hair. We’ll happily exchange it if you order the wrong one.


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3 reviews for Philocomb from Japan

  1. Paul Mycroft

    These are great, perfect for my pet. They really get the undercoat out!

  2. Rachel Leibowitz

    You HAVE to buy this!! My cats are obsessed with this comb! Here is a thread on where I posted pics (summary of my comments below):

    I have two Maine Coons, and my baby girl who passed away in December was a part Maine Coon with some Persian in her. I discovered the Philocomb last October (when I bought the raised bowls here too!)

    It’s expensive, but every word of the description is totally true. It’s much, much gentler on the skin and the fur than the Furminator (i have that too). When you see it, you’ll think it will break, but TRUST me, it won’t. When you get it, you’ll think there’s no way it’s strong enough or that it could possibly be durable, but it is! It gets through tangles and even some mats (though you do need the furminator for the worst ones)

    I work hard to keep my kitties’ coats healthy and beautiful, but the Philocomb has made that much easier! My little girl (the one with Persian fur) passed away in December, and was very tiny and sensitive as she aged. Her fur was prone to mats, and I wish I had known about the Philocomb sooner as it would have made grooming a much less painful ordeal for her. The teeth won’t scratch their skin (the Furminator can cut them if you use it on mats that are too close to the skin, I speak from experience).

    My boys LOVE brushing sessions, but for them, the benefit has been in the fact that this is much more gentle on the fur itself. You’re not ripping out fur like you do with the Furminator; you’re just grabbing the loose, undercoat fur that would end up causing tumbleweeds or hairballs (most likely, both)!

    The Philocomb is the most effective grooming tool I’ve ever had. I have slickers, the Zoom Groom, a dog brush I kept from when I had a roommate with a shiba inu doggie.. I’ve been known to use lint rollers from time to time…

  3. Renee Sanabria (verified owner)

    I will NEVER go back to any other kind of brush. My previous brush looks like a petting tool compared to the philocomb. Not only do my cats like being brushed with this comb way more (they hated the brush), it really gets into their coats to pull out the loose fur that is underneath the top portion of their coat.

    I would recommend this comb to anyone and will ONLY buy the philocomb in the future. RAVING FAN!

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