Shorter Bowl for Miniature Breeds ( Imported)


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$25.00 USD.= CDN $32.50 / UK 19.15 /EU 21.80 /AU 35.00 /Japanese Yen 2,803  (Oct/18)

Average Shipping Wt.  .850 gm


Height to Rim     4″

Capacity    1 cup / 8 oz.

Average Weight     .650 gm

Bowl        5″ wide, 1.25″ deep

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Customers outside of Canada and US, please read information highlighted in blue on Shipping Rate page.


This shorter Bowl on a 2.5″ pedestal is ideal for the miniature breeds such as the Yorkie, Chihuahua etc. and the short legged Dachshund and Munchkins. The rim of the bowl is 4″ from the floor and should be ideal for the majority of breeds that are closer to the ground.  The eating surface should be at least at the same level as the pets (inside) stomach, higher is better but not higher than the chest. This model is much too short for normal size pets and will cause them to have to stoop and crouch to their meals. Defeating the purpose of buying a ‘raised’ dish.  It is made in Taiwan, by a studio that makes dinnerware for people, and has all the same benefits and features of the other 3 models.  See the “Features” page for more information.  Note that orders placed from outside of North America can take 6 to 8+ weeks for delivery to Asia and Australia and the UK. See SHIPPING RATE page for more information. Please contact me for a quote if faster shipping is required.

Discounted / Blemished Short dishes are shipped from  the US.  Go to ‘Sale Items’ to view. Imperfections on dishes are mostly color spots or smudges,  nothing serious that will make them unsafe, and most are hardly noticeable. There are  a few available in each of these colors; Eggshell, Blue, Gold, Pink or Teal.  See ‘Sale Items’ link.



Additional information

Weight .950 kg
Dimensions 19.0 × 19.0 × 17.0 cm

1 review for Shorter Bowl for Miniature Breeds ( Imported)

  1. Christina (verified owner)

    I love these little bowls. I have 2 tiny rescue Chihuahuas each about 5 lbs, 8 & 9 years old. These are a perfect size for them. One of “my girls” doesn’t have any teeth, so the little lip on the inside edge of the bowls helps her get a better grip on her moist food without it spilling onto the outside of the bowl. I also have 2 Pugs. The first Classy bowl I got was when I got the first one, Zeus, 8 years ago. I finally retired his bowl, because after 7 1/2 years, it finally cracked after being knocked over I don’t know how many times, but I will keep it as a treasured memory because it has foot prints and his name inside. I got 2 matching food bowls a few months ago for “the boys”, and just ordered a 2nd water bowl because our rescue Pug hogs the one we currently had. All is well in paradise now :o). But not only are these bowls wonderful, sturdy, long lasting, and Classy, Larraine has been amazing and patient when I had trouble ordering, couldn’t make up my mind, ordered in the morning and then decided to “add to” later that day. She was kind enough to get them all shipped together. Great customer service! As long as you are in business I will continue to order :o)

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