2.5″ pedestal vs 4″ pedestal

3 available sizes

8 oz. – 24 oz. – 8 oz.

The 2.5″ high pedestal for the smaller/shorter and miniature breeds is available again. The dish part is the same capacity as the 5″ wide dry food/water bowl. This height dish is not suitable for average size pets it is too short and will force them to stoop down too far to be comfortable. It is only meant for pets such as the Munchkin cat, the Dachshund dog, the tiny Chihuahuas, and Yorkies.

Avoid handling pottery with soap or lotion on your hands. Or use bath tub decals, or pieces of them applied to the pedestal to help prevent it slipping from your hand in soapy water.

Should you need to add an inch or 2 to the height of the taller Classy Cat Dish or Bowl, sitting it on an overturned 6″ wide unglazed plant pot saucer works well, or use an overturned souffle baking dish.  An overturned flat bottom dog bowl works well also. These items all have unglazed bottoms so not slippery. With normal use it’s very unlikely the dishes and bowls will be pushed off them.

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The eating surface of a pet’s dish should not be below the level of their (inside) stomach, or higher than their chest for ultimate comfort. The group image shows how the 3 taller styles relate to each other in rim height, the bowls are different depths. The shortest blue one is 4″ high to the rim, while the tallest eggshell water bowl is 6″ high. The pink dry food bowl is 5.5″ high and the grey wet food dish is 5.25″ high to the rim.

You can use these dishes for larger pets but I would suggest sitting them inside a 4″ tall piece of  PVC water pipe, ( the 5″ wide connectors are perfect ) for the wet or dry food dishes, use a 6″ wide piece for the larger 3 cup size bowl. This will help keep them from being knocked over by larger dogs. Height can be added the same way…fit a block of wood or something under the pedestal inside the pipe and use a taller piece of the PVC. It would be uneconomical to make them any larger than they are and would also make them hard to handle by pet owners. They weigh an average of 2 pounds each as they are.